Ministry of Pandemic Game

Ministry of Pandemic is a strategy, simulation game that challenges social and economic balance during the pandemic. Build your strategy to survive while keeping all aspects of society stable. Suppress plague via developing a vaccine, isolating population, or any real-world solution. You will also be challenged by fake news, greedy corporations, and civil unrest. Good luck !!!

Game Features

Control the progress of the disease

Apply suppression and herd immunity tactics to control the disease while vaccine development is in progress.

Create balance between society and economics

While lockdowns suppress the disease, it will push the economy into recession. Try to keep the balance between society, economics, and pandemic control.

Establish social order

Continuous social discontent will result in civil unrest and protests. While some demonstrations just show society’s current issues, others will not disappear unless the player takes action and fix the problems.

Choose Welfare state vs free market

Players can choose the free market with no interruption or relatively free market while retaining a strong social security system. Social support packages include free healthcare, unemployment insurance, and basic income.

Real fake News!

Take action opposing fake news or ignore them. Ignoring may cost a surge in infection or increased disinformation.  Fake news is taken worldwide through the Covid pandemic, sorted according to danger level and possible outcomes.

Democracy vs autocracy

Each action of the player will place the government on a democratic or authoritarian side. Each country will require a different approach.

Control over travel and trade.

While control over external travel and trade will help fight the pandemic, it will affect production capacity. Each country’s import dependence on production will make the output more dramatic.

Upgrade healthcare systems

Upgrade and redesign healthcare infrastructure to adapt to the disease. Players can upgrade Icu capacity, bed capacity, and doctors’ protection against disease until certain levels.

Develop the vaccine

Develop and test candidate vaccines. After the vaccine’s exploratory stage, each step of development, players will have more information such as effectivity rate and side effects. While it is possible to have early approval of a vaccine, it may come with surprises!

Apply partial or full lockdowns

Isolation of certain demographic groups and specific time intervals will affect the suppression of disease and production levels.

Keep the population calm

Only a certain level of fear may make people more cautious about the disease after that; it will create increased social disorder, low production levels, and even mass hysteria.

Suppress disease transfer rates

Create policies for applying preventive actions such as mask usage, distributing mask and sanitation, regular disinfection of the city, and more.

Track and trace patients

Widespread and Frequent Testing is Essential to Controlling disease. With the help of tests and databases, it will be easier to isolate infected cases from society and trace contacted individuals.

Other Features,

  • Select an adviser during pandemic control; six different advisers represent different aspects of pandemic control. Each of them comes with bonuses in their expertise areas. Even the same scenario with another advisor will be a different game experience.
  • Real-life diseases have taken reference as the main mechanics. Each disease has unique properties, such as reproduction number, incubation duration, recovery period, mortality rate. Etc.
  • Economic level, production, trust to science, people cooperation level with authoritarian or democratic regimes. Each country requires a different strategy for dealing with the pandemic.
  • Allow or ban regular events, concerts, and festivals. Each allowed activity will support the economy and society while carrying the risk of new surges in infection.
  • Interdependent tech tree and dependencies for all actions. Most of the activities can be enabled and disabled according to the necessities of society and disease control.
  • Handcrafted and procedural scenario events.