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Lockdown consist of all restriction policies for people to stay where they are, public and private closures and curfews. The main objective is reducing disease transmission rate

Types #

Restaurant closure has stages of limiting customer number or totally closer of restaurants.

Limiting events and gatherings, Has separate stages as limiting meetings, religious gatherings, indoor meetings. Has negative effect on psychology of people and social order.

School closures, may effect productivity on some countries, as some families will have to stay with their children.

Curfew, can be applied partial or full. In partial model, (weekends and or evenings) does not affect the working population. However when full curfew applied, only essential workers and people can work from home can continue their work, thus contribute to economy. Curfew can be applied different demographics in order to decrease economic effect. Long term curfew will have negative effect on psychology of people.

Outputs #

Social Order



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