Transition from Early Access to full release

Happy New Year to all!
After nearly two years of development, we have finally reached the end of the game’s early access-development phase. I want to thank you all for all the patients you have shown during this development process. Game development begins at the first lockdown, and as the start of the new year we are now entering another. I am hoping this will be the last one.

With this latest update for early access, we’ve completed our checklist of the features we promised. From now on, updates will be minor polishes or bugfixes coming from players. The base mechanism should not change at all.

Early Access, Final Updates
New viruses have been introduced.

All disease parameters are adjusted as close as possible to actual diseases. However, the difficulty is determined by the simulation of the reproduction mechanism of the game. In an average city, we simulated without player interaction and measured how long society will be collapsed with the disease.
At the end of simulations we have 3 cluster of viruses according to their difficulty,

  • Easy, Influenza, Society collapsed in 300 days with no player interruption
  • Difficult, sars, covid, smallpox, ebola , Society collapsed in 190-210 days with no player interruption
  • Extreme difficulty, polio and measles , society collapsed in 110 days with no player interruption

The mutation mechanism is introduced.

  • The mutation frequency will depend on the virus selected. Covid and polio have high mutation rates, while others have mid or low rates.
  • The amount of infected patients acts as a multiplier of mutation rates. When there is more ifected population, chance of mutation increases
  • All Mutations will make the virus harder to eradicate.
  • Each mutation affects one feature of the virus;
    • mortality, hospitalization,
    • asymptomatic cases,
    • efficacy of vaccines,
    • natural immunity (immunity gained by previously recovering from virus)
    • basic reproductive number.

Game Balance is updated.

Now society’s failure depends solely on,

  • Social stability, %40
  • Panic level, %40
  • Political credibility %20
  • Death rates as penalty (depends on mortality rates of virus, up to -20 %)
  • Inability to eradicate virus for longer periods (effect stars appear after 400 days, penalty is up to -20%)
  • The economic level and the level of disinformation are not taken into account in the calculation as these factors are already reflected in social and political stability.

All advisors are unlocked,

Each selected advisor gives a 15% bonus in their area of expertise.

Missing city maps are introduced.

Game Update 0.8.4 Isolation Control

Pedestrian and vehicular traffic is introduced. According to the infection rates, sick patients appear on the streets. Character and vehicle variations and density according to lockdowns are in progress .
Infected isolation minigame included, Case isolation bonus is given when sick patients are caught in the map view. Case isolation helps suppress the reproduction of diseases.
Quarantine game balanced, Fewer patients are born and game occurs less often. Fixed bug with symptomatic patients, temperature controls.
Random events (monthly, economic, and fake news events) are less frequent and have more severe results.
Social support packages (unemployment support, health support and universal basic income) are now controlled by sliders instead of technology actions and take immediate effect.
Fixed bugs with socio-economic packages.
Increased cost of treatment of infected patients
SoundFx and music toggle buttons introduced

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Game Update 0.8.3 Quarantine control

Quarantine Control Game & New maps introduced
Border protection now depends on the performance of players in the quarantine game. The player can choose to quarantine or pass the arriving passenger based on the documents they provide, what they say, or temperature checks. The success rate is used as input for infectious travelers arriving in the city.

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