Transition from Early Access to full release

Happy New Year to all!After nearly two years of development, we have finally reached the end of the game’s early access-development phase. I want to thank you all for all the patients you have shown during this development process. Game development begins at the first lockdown, and as the start of the new year weContinue reading “Transition from Early Access to full release”

Game Update 0.8.4 Isolation Control

Pedestrian and vehicular traffic is introduced. According to the infection rates, sick patients appear on the streets. Character and vehicle variations and density according to lockdowns are in progress .Infected isolation minigame included, Case isolation bonus is given when sick patients are caught in the map view. Case isolation helps suppress the reproduction of diseases.QuarantineContinue reading “Game Update 0.8.4 Isolation Control”

Game Update 0.8.3 Quarantine control

Quarantine Control Game & New maps introducedBorder protection now depends on the performance of players in the quarantine game. The player can choose to quarantine or pass the arriving passenger based on the documents they provide, what they say, or temperature checks. The success rate is used as input for infectious travelers arriving in theContinue reading “Game Update 0.8.3 Quarantine control”