macro economics

Inter-related production and consumption activities and their allocation is measured here. In starting scenario player starts with initial fund, depending its countries development state and difficulty level. Most of the actions require continuous or one time only fund flow. Government’s main source of revenue is proportional to production capacity utilisationgross domestic production and taxation.

GDP(Gross Domestic Production) is a monetary measure of the market value of all the final goods and services produced in a specific time period (in game, per day, per capita ) . Starting GDP of each country is different and can be altered during gameplay. (Up_201) monetary.

Taxation is the main source of revenue. Taxation is directly proportional to GDP and capacity production capacity utilisation. When governance power decreased, player start to have difficulties on collecting tax. Types of taxes are , sales tax , corporate tax and income tax. (DEV202)

Capacity utilisation is  the ratio of an industry’s actual output to its estimated potential output. In the game industry represents all available production and service facilities which bring revenue.

Limiting external trade and travelBoth external trade and travel has the risk of bringing infected travelers to the country. Probability of infected travelers is connected to neighbour countries’ infected population ratio and applied tests at borders. When neighbours infection rates are getting higher it might be necessary to partially or totally close the borders. However closing borders has direct effect on import dependent production of the state according to its import dependency.

Import dependent production, represents the ratio of production that rely solely on  imported goods or services for their production process. When states’ dependency increases for imported goods and services closing borders , limiting travel and trade has a bigger impact on revenues.

Unemployment  is the percentage of population  in a specific age group who are available for work but not employed in a referenced period. In game working age group is between 18 to 65, and referenced time is updated daily.

initial scenario ,diseases

initial disease library, REF

  • reproduction rate > Basic reproduction number (R0) is used to measure the transmission potential of a disease. REF
  • untreated mortality > mortality rate if patient is not treated
  • treated mortality >mortality rate if patient is treated
  • hospitalisation > required hospitalisation percentage of infected patients
  • transfer Preventable >how effective will transfer prevention work. (mask, disinfectation, sanitisers etc.)
  • shows symptom > percentage of population shows symptoms.
  • incubation Period > incubation period (days)
  • recovery Period >recovery period(days)

MOP Minor update (0.4.4) vaccine development

Vaccine development, side effects , and vaccine effectiveness upgraded. Current workflow provides two key elements, effectivity and side effects. In each development phase, vaccine is tested with an increased number of subjects and  the player is able to obtain more precise effectiveness range and less common side effects. While player can choose without completing all testing phases, It may bring extra risking mortality rates and effectiveness rate.