macro economics

Inter-related production and consumption activities and their allocation is measured here. In starting scenario player starts with initial fund, depending its countries development state and difficulty level. Most of the actions require continuous or one time only fund flow. Government’s main source of revenue is proportional to production capacity utilisation, gross domestic production and taxation. GDP(Gross DomesticContinue reading “macro economics”

initial scenario ,diseases

initial disease library, REF reproduction rate > Basic reproduction number (R0) is used to measure the transmission potential of a disease. REF untreated mortality > mortality rate if patient is not treated treated mortality >mortality rate if patient is treated hospitalisation > required hospitalisation percentage of infected patients transfer Preventable >how effective will transfer preventionContinue reading “initial scenario ,diseases”

MOP Minor update (0.4.4) vaccine development

Vaccine development, side effects , and vaccine effectiveness upgraded. Current workflow provides two key elements, effectivity and side effects. In each development phase, vaccine is tested with an increased number of subjects and  the player is able to obtain more precise effectiveness range and less common side effects. While player can choose without completing allContinue reading “MOP Minor update (0.4.4) vaccine development”