Ministry of Pandemic Features

Ministry of Pandemic is strategy, simulation game that challenges social and economical balance during pandemic . Built your strategy to survive it while keeping all aspects of the society stable. Suppress plague via developing a vaccine , isolating population or any real world solution. You will also be challenged by fake news, greedy corporations and civil unrests. Good luck !!

Real fake News!

Real fake news! Can be chosen to ignore and may cost you new infected people or increased disinformation. Or can be overwritten by public anouncements and advirtisements . Each fake news has been taken from covid fake news on internet, sorted according to their level of danger, and outcomes.

The level of society’s cooperation

The level of society’s cooperation with players action depends , authoritarian and democratic governance power, social and economic levels of people, peoples trust to science and disinformation. Which all these aspects dynamically change and trigger other sub actions.

Society-economics -disease triangle

One of main balancing factor in the game is between society – economics -infection triangle. While closing the city, heavy isolations and lockdownd suppress the disease, it will suppress the economy also.

Upgradable healthcare systems

Upgradable healthcare systems. Icu capacity, bed capacity and doctors protection against disease can be upgraded until certain levels.

democracy vs autocracy

Each action of the player will place government into democratic or autharan side.

Control over travel and trade.

While control over external travel and trade will help to fight with pandemic, it will effect production capacity. Each country’s import dependence on production will make the output more dramatic.


Isolation of certain demographic groups will effect production levels differently. While applying lock down on older generation does not effect production much, middle aged, working people who can not do work from home will effect it dramatically

Charts and map interface for better analysing the state of disease

isometric map & time series graphics

Simpole crowd & trtafic sim to represent dynamics of the city.


6 different advisers represent different aspects of plague, Each advisor comes with bonuses on their expertise areas. Even same scenario with different advisor will be different game play experience.


Difficulty level according to disease(how infective, incubation duration, recovery period, fatality rate etc.. )


Difficulty level according to starting country , economic level , production , trust to science, people cooperation level with authoritarian or democratic regimes . Stylized real life countries and diseases taken reference as main mechanics.

Infection Reproduction

Real life like infection reproduction algorithm that makes it possible to use tactics as suppression (vaccine development, transfer prevention , isolation) or heard immunity tactics.

Fear Factor

Fear is an important factor in game play. While certain level of it may make people care about disease and make them more cautious on it, after a certain level creates increased social order, production levels and even mass hysteria.

Economic packages

In some economic packages (actions) playerwill need to chose common good of people vs big cooperations.

Social support

Social support packages for unemployment or shrunk economics due to pandemic.

Free or paid heath care systems

Vaccine research

Vaccine research and test facility helps to develop the vaccine. After exploratory stage of vaccine, In each step of development players will have more information such as effectivity rate and side effects. While it is possible to have early approval of vaccine may totally work it may come with surprises!

Patient tracking

Widespread and Frequent Testing is Essential to Controlling disease. With the help of tests and database it will be easier to isolate infected cases from society and trace contacted individuals.

Monthly events, shows celebrations etc..

Monthly events, which support economy and society also caries risk of new surges in infection

Transfer control.

Preventive actions such as mask usage, distributing mask and sanitation, regular disinfection of the city.

Scenario events

100+ hand crafted scenario events and millions procedurally generated ounces.

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