Protests, protest everywhere…

Continuous social discontent will result in civil unrest and protests. While some demonstrations just show society’s current issues, others will not disappear unless the player takes action and fix the problems. New protest crowd sim added. Currently has 13 agents and one animation clip. As a future update, their banners will be changed by protestContinue reading “Protests, protest everywhere…”

Adding a bit of life to the city!

New characters and animations are coming for city events. Events mostly happen regularly, But frequency changes according to the economic state of the country and panic level of society. Players can allow it with the risk of an extra surgeon infection or ban it, with an economic and social cost. There will be more animationContinue reading “Adding a bit of life to the city!”

macro economics

Inter-related production and consumption activities and their allocation is measured here. In starting scenario player starts with initial fund, depending its countries development state and difficulty level. Most of the actions require continuous or one time only fund flow. Government’s main source of revenue is proportional to production capacity utilisation, gross domestic production and taxation. GDP(Gross DomesticContinue reading “macro economics”

MOP Minor update (0.4.6) event generation

Random event generation updated. Generated events represented with simple crowd system. According to random time and critical states events are generated. Types of events, Monthly events, celebrations, shows concert etc Critical events , critical states are represented by protests Economic events, which player need to balance economic and social states Fake news, Player can makeContinue reading “MOP Minor update (0.4.6) event generation”

initial scenario ,diseases

initial disease library, REF reproduction rate > Basic reproduction number (R0) is used to measure the transmission potential of a disease. REF untreated mortality > mortality rate if patient is not treated treated mortality >mortality rate if patient is treated hospitalisation > required hospitalisation percentage of infected patients transfer Preventable >how effective will transfer preventionContinue reading “initial scenario ,diseases”

initial scenario; countries

Social and economic development of country offers different levels of challenge in game play. countries library GDP >  Gross domestic product is a metric that breaks down a country’s economic output per person initial fund > starting economical budget initial unemployment percentage > effects both production level of country and social order (if not supported by social security )Continue reading “initial scenario; countries”

initial scenario , advisors

Selected advisors give bonus according to their expertise area. Current advisors and their bonuses> eco Bonus > Economical packages becomes more effective. socio Bonus > social packages becomes more effective. science Bonus >Vaccine development upgrades get cheaper. trust to Science > state becomes more resilient to fake news and disinformation. healthCare Bonus > health careContinue reading “initial scenario , advisors”

MOP Minor update (0.4.4) vaccine development

Vaccine development, side effects , and vaccine effectiveness upgraded. Current workflow provides two key elements, effectivity and side effects. In each development phase, vaccine is tested with an increased number of subjects and  the player is able to obtain more precise effectiveness range and less common side effects. While player can choose without completing allContinue reading “MOP Minor update (0.4.4) vaccine development”