Game update_0.8.2 Vaccination Mini Game

Vaccination Mini Game

Vaccination will be one of the mini games that support activities such as vaccine development, vaccination, curfew control, etc.

The event is triggered when the vaccine is developed and approved. It is expected that the vaccines will be given in accordance with the appropriate timing, age and occupational groups. The percentage of vaccine distribution is increased for each suitable vaccinated character.

The game repeats itself until all vaccines are distributed to the willing population. Number of vaccination depends on players performance, Time between each vaccination depends of lab upgrades.

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Game update 0.7.5 Performance evaluation & custom game prep

Performance evaluation mode changed,

Game winning and losing status now depends on the overall performance of the player. The game continues until the player scores less than 25 points. When the number of newly exposed patients falls below a certain threshold, the suppression counter for the win condition starts for one month.

General performance calculation method is as follows,

Base points (100 points)

  • social performance (40 %)
  • panic performance (20 %)
  • political Performance (15 %)
  • disinformation performance (15 %)
  • ecoPerformance (10 %)


  • Disease difficulty (up to 10 points)
  • Country difficulty (up to 20 points)


  • Death penalty (up to -20 points)
  • Duration penalty (up to -10 points)

New custom game mode included.

Now player can create city with custom difficulty,

  • initial fund
  • gdp per capita
  • unemployment percentage
  • sanction power
  • trust to science
  • import dependency
  • population density
  • icu capacity / population ratio
  • social order

Other Updates

  • The main menu button is included in game panel.
  • Time control improved.
  • Game balance improvement (unit costs and timings).
  • New custom game menu is introduced
  • New career menu is updated.
  • The winn and losing condition have been updated.

New advisors!!

A team of advisors tracks the players’ progress on game and alert areas requiring attention. Listening to advisors will help players to find potential issues before they become chronic. The leading advisor (selected at the beginning of the game) gives a bonus according to their expertise area.

One and only newspaper in town published! Ink is still fresh!

News are generated in 3 sections, Center block shows the output of recent event or decision player takes, Left and right columns shows critical economic states, that requires players attention.

Future Update, Citizens` corner, random thoughts from citizens, Complaints, pools, etc. Mostly will be driven by social and economic dynamics of the town,

Future Update, Monthly, and weekly updated newspapers, which player can check anytime

Protests, protest everywhere…

Continuous social discontent will result in civil unrest and protests. While some demonstrations just show society’s current issues, others will not disappear unless the player takes action and fix the problems.

New protest crowd sim added. Currently has 13 agents and one animation clip. As a future update, their banners will be changed by protest type and will have more character and animation variation.

Adding a bit of life to the city!

New characters and animations are coming for city events.

Events mostly happen regularly, But frequency changes according to the economic state of the country and panic level of society. Players can allow it with the risk of an extra surgeon infection or ban it, with an economic and social cost. There will be more animation and character variation on later releases.

macro economics

Inter-related production and consumption activities and their allocation is measured here. In starting scenario player starts with initial fund, depending its countries development state and difficulty level. Most of the actions require continuous or one time only fund flow. Government’s main source of revenue is proportional to production capacity utilisationgross domestic production and taxation.

GDP(Gross Domestic Production) is a monetary measure of the market value of all the final goods and services produced in a specific time period (in game, per day, per capita ) . Starting GDP of each country is different and can be altered during gameplay. (Up_201) monetary.

Taxation is the main source of revenue. Taxation is directly proportional to GDP and capacity production capacity utilisation. When governance power decreased, player start to have difficulties on collecting tax. Types of taxes are , sales tax , corporate tax and income tax. (DEV202)

Capacity utilisation is  the ratio of an industry’s actual output to its estimated potential output. In the game industry represents all available production and service facilities which bring revenue.

Limiting external trade and travelBoth external trade and travel has the risk of bringing infected travelers to the country. Probability of infected travelers is connected to neighbour countries’ infected population ratio and applied tests at borders. When neighbours infection rates are getting higher it might be necessary to partially or totally close the borders. However closing borders has direct effect on import dependent production of the state according to its import dependency.

Import dependent production, represents the ratio of production that rely solely on  imported goods or services for their production process. When states’ dependency increases for imported goods and services closing borders , limiting travel and trade has a bigger impact on revenues.

Unemployment  is the percentage of population  in a specific age group who are available for work but not employed in a referenced period. In game working age group is between 18 to 65, and referenced time is updated daily.