Game update 0.7.5 Performance evaluation & custom game prep

Performance evaluation mode changed,

Game winning and losing status now depends on the overall performance of the player. The game continues until the player scores less than 25 points. When the number of newly exposed patients falls below a certain threshold, the suppression counter for the win condition starts for one month.

General performance calculation method is as follows,

Base points (100 points)

  • social performance (40 %)
  • panic performance (20 %)
  • political Performance (15 %)
  • disinformation performance (15 %)
  • ecoPerformance (10 %)


  • Disease difficulty (up to 10 points)
  • Country difficulty (up to 20 points)


  • Death penalty (up to -20 points)
  • Duration penalty (up to -10 points)

New custom game mode included.

Now player can create city with custom difficulty,

  • initial fund
  • gdp per capita
  • unemployment percentage
  • sanction power
  • trust to science
  • import dependency
  • population density
  • icu capacity / population ratio
  • social order

Other Updates

  • The main menu button is included in game panel.
  • Time control improved.
  • Game balance improvement (unit costs and timings).
  • New custom game menu is introduced
  • New career menu is updated.
  • The winn and losing condition have been updated.

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