initial scenario; countries

Social and economic development of country offers different levels of challenge in game play.

  • countries library
    • GDP >  Gross domestic product is a metric that breaks down a country’s economic output per person
    • initial fund > starting economical budget
    • initial unemployment percentage > effects both production level of country and social order (if not supported by social security )
    • import dependency > productions dependency to imported good and services. When economy is more dependent to international travel and trade, closing borders give more dramatic effect on economy.
    • society > initial social order
    • population density > Contact rates tend to increase with density but saturate at higher density. REF>
    • ICU_population ratio > percentage of ICU capacity to population. Ranges between 3 -to36 per 100k population according to level of development of country. Generally 70% percent is already occupied. Mortality rate is increased when hospitalized cases can not be treated in ICUs. REF>
    • trust to science> Mistrust to science makes it harder to potential acceptance of a vaccination and some other actions taken by government.
    • base governing power> combination of autocratic and democratic power.
      • autocratic sanction power, comes with law enforcements, police & military.
      • democratic sanction power, increases by public interest advertisements, trust to science,

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